If you think canning your favorite foods will require lots of money and work, you are wrong. In fact, you do not need any sophisticated tools – chances are you have everything you need around your kitchen. At the same time, this is not an investment in money, but an investment in your time. While the first cans will take longer, you will get the point pretty fast, so you may start doing your own provisions.
Understanding how the process work can help you own in. It is not all about the process, but about the result in the long run. During your first few sessions, canning foods will be a bit of a nightmare. You will most likely fail to get your first lot perfect, so there might be some failed experiments as well – most of them are not that bad though. After all, it takes time to become familiar with the process. At the same time, as you gain experience, you will learn how to seal cans properly. They will last longer and taste better.

The process varies widely.

There is no such thing as a general canning procedure for everything.
In fact, it depends on what you are canning. Some fruits are easier to can than others – the same rule applies to vegetables. Many people can meat as well. Different types of meats come with different procedures. From all the meats out there, chicken is probably the most common one. You can can chicken or even a broth. It only takes some time to learn how the new system works and you are ready to go.