Pushing ourselves to bring canned foods to residential kitchens.

When we talk about canned foods in residential kitchen, most people naturally think about the canned foods you buy from commerce. They are everywhere and they cost nothing. But as you buy plenty of them, costs to build up. Do the math for a week, then multiply by 52 and find out how much money you spend on a yearly basis. What if we told you about cutting the costs in half or maybe even more? Exactly – this is what we do.

We decided educating people and providing guides more than a decade ago. That is when it all started. While we make it look like we help people can their favorite fresh foods, the truth is we teach them everything about preservation. Find out how to use the right preservatives and where to find them, only to keep your fresh foods in an edible condition for months or maybe even years.

The secret stays in using the right ingredients in the right amounts. This way, you can have your favorite foods at any random time – even when they are out of season. To make things even easier, our website also gives you access to new and innovative recipes that you can come up with. Some of them are based on canned foods, while others will teach you how to can foods.

If you think canning your favorite foods will require lots of money and work, you are wrong. In fact, you do not need any sophisticated tools – chances are you have everything you need around your kitchen. At the same time, this is not an investment in money, but an investment in your time. While the first cans will take longer, you will get the point pretty fast, so you may start doing your own provisions.

Canning USA is a portal established with educational purposes. We teach you about natural and organic preservatives, as well as some chemicals – they are not going to kill you, as everyone uses them. It is a lesson of chemistry, but it is a lesson revolving around food, so you will love it. Our educational portal goes even further though, as we also commercialize the most important things in the process – from preservatives to jars.